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Shinhwa Theme Park

2019.12.24 Views124

Do you remember the troublemaking bugs that loved to eat more than anything in the world?

Shinhwa Theme Park is a wonderful attraction for children as well as adults developed by TUBAn, a Korea-based, global 3D animation studio that made this lovely animated ‘Larva’ character which is now popular all over the world. The Theme Park is comprised of three zones. Rotary Park is a steampunk-themed area that shows all the great characters TUBAn has developed, Oscar’s New World is a mysterious jungle that offers Inca and Maya Civilization-themed rides and Larva Adventure Village is a place where you can meet all the greatest characters in myths and children’s stories. There are 15 amazing rides and various attractions for you to enjoy at Shinhwa Theme Park. TUBAn’s design team and a world-renowned theme park design team worked together for 3 years to create an amazing entrance, rides and wonderful amenities that will make you feel like you’re diving into the world of animated films.